Tukituki Dairy Goats

Our Client

Tuki Tuki Dairy Goats

Project Scope

Tuki Tuki Dairy Goats came to Timberspan looking for a large barn to house dairy goats.

Through discussion with the client it was clear that they required a layout/design that enabled comfort for the goats and ease of use for feeding and cleaning out the pens, as well as good air flow to reduce the build-up of ammonia.

Timberspan Solution

We knew that LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) was going to offer the best solution to the problem.

LVL allows for long clear spans and due to its strength (compared to sawn timber) we are able to spread the purlin span when used in conjunction with the right metal roofing profile, which all contribute to a cost effective solution.

The Result

Tuki Tuki Dairy goats were amazed with the quiet environment of the shed in comparison to steel structures they had experienced; this was all due to the timber construction.

Timberspan worked with the builder to ensure a smooth build process and, once the structure was complete, carried on the working relationship with the clients to supply all the material required for the internal fitout and the stormwater drainage on the exterior.

Timberspan use and recommend LVL in all of their sheds due to its superior strength and builders love it as it is always dry straight and strong.