CHEMZ Manufacturing & Distribution Site

Our Client


Project Scope

CHEMZ called Timberspan when they outgrew their site in Whakatu, Hawkes Bay;  they were in great need of 3 new buildings. Originally they were looking at pole buildings but when the Geotech report on the site came back with a high liquefaction rating the lateral spread potential for this type building made it not suitable.

Timberspan Solution

Timberspan immediately recommended LVL portal type buildings.

LVL is light and strong and provides a cost effective structure, both in terms of material cost and also in total overall construction cost when compared to steel. 

The Result

Timberspan worked with the client right from concept through to completion. Throughout the design process there were a number of obstacles around fire and dangerous goods which the LVL structures offered the flexibility to cope with.

One of the buildings had to tie in with a tilt slap dangerous goods mixing room and another building had a 110m2 office and smoko room attached; as well as a 60m2 of offices and bathrooms internally.

The project was delivered ahead of budget and ahead of time due to the efficiencies allowed by using LVL timber.